Impatience and the Waiting Game…

We would like to say thank you again to everyone who contributed to the gofundme campagin.

We had hoped to have all of the Mini Indie Dyer’s supplies by now….

But no such luck.

Friday afternoon was like Christmas all over again. We received our wool order (and in an extremely timely fashion.) But the dyes… Oh the dyes they torture us with waiting.


Look at that box packed full of wool in brown paper bags waiting to be dyed!


So much fluffy, squishy, fantastic, cuddly wool. We just want to curl up and snuggle it all.


Which we did HAHA!

The best part about this is while the Mini Indie Dyer revels in the wooly goodness, her sister is laughing and screaming “Look it’s a snowman butt! It looks like a snowman butt!”


Oh yes the joys of little sisters right?

But she does have a keen eye. I mean those are some crazy observation skills. Who thinks “hey, I think that kinda looks like a snowman butt.”? Only 3 year olds, that’s who. Needless to say some of us nearly peed ourselves with the laughter that followed. Good times my friends, good times.

It’s probably best that the dyes didn’t come on the same day as the wool. The Mini Indie Dyer had a full FULL weekend ahead, and we would have been elbow deep in dye pots between the Gymnastics Competitions and Birthday Parties galore. Now that we’ve all come down from the craziness of the weekend we rather impatiently await the next box of goodies.

Hopefully with any luck the dyes will arrive soon and she can get to making her wonderful wooly creations!